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within 24 - 48 hours.  3D Wind Spinners offers this special on all orders within
the Continental US.
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  An Audio Message from John   3/5/2024

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Customer Testimonials & Comments

I would like to thank the thousands of customers we have served over the
last 6 years and appreciate all the wonderful email responses.
Thank you for allowing us to serve you, John Barbieri

Great contact with me when there was a problem with the order.  Immediately gave refund.  Love the product and this site!


Your site was very straightforward, with everything on one page instead of having to click from page to page to see all of the windspinners.


Thanks John, 

I do like your site and the fact that you have mini videos... I have been on it more then once.  Great gifts for friends..



It is so refreshing to find a company that still believes in Customer Satisfaction. I appreciate you calling me back and answering my questions.  When my package arrived everything was perfect! 

You have made this customer very satisfied,

Best regards,
Anthony G.


Thank you for this email and for the email you responded to last week. I get very nervous ordering things online. You have a great site & the videos are REALLY nice. I look forward to being a new customer.  


Hi John,

I got both boxes of goodies... Everything is wonderful. I can not believe how big the Large Spinners are. My parents are going to be speechless.  Thank you so much for the Rose Heart Spinner.. Love it. Thanks for enclosing your business card so that everyone I know can order from you. 

I really want to keep everything we ordered... but it is Christmas.. got to wait may turn.



Thank you,

I'm sure I'll be back to your site in the future, you have some very unique items


Dear Mr. Barbieri,

I was very concerned about placing this order online and your shipping cost seemed a bit high when I placed my order.  I was very surprised to receive the Shipping Reimbursement. Your site is really nice and you have such a great selection of spinners. I will be ordering again soon.

Thank you for following up on my many emails.

Your company is first class!!!

Janice T.

Hi John,

Glad to hear from you and to remind me to place my order for Christmas. I ordered 2 more and I know my relatives will love them.  My minys lasted through the fierce winds and fire storms we had in Santa Clarita. ( The Buckweed fire) I had no damage but the smoke and winds were scary enough. I watched my wind-chimes and spinners and they all made it.  I am grateful this holiday season and hope you have a wonderful and profitable holiday as well. Thanks for your great customer service.

All my best,

Hi John, 

Thank-you so much! You are sooo sweet. I love all my minys and will probably get more for next summer. Have a great holiday season and again, thanks.

Best regards,

Dear John,

While looking through your site a saw so many beautiful items.  My complements to your webmaster as it was so easy and straight forward getting around.  I am a firm believer in keeping it simple and being able to view the videos is a great touch.

When I received my order, everything was there and I want to thank you for everything.

Sincerely yours,
Nicole S.

Good morning John,

Thank you for taking my order by phone on Monday night; I really do appreciate your kindness.  I checked my credit card online this morning and it does show a PayPal charge.

Thanks again for your patience and kindness.  You have a great product!





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